Boston 2018

Mon 16 April 2018

This was an incredible experience.

The crowds were just amazing, and seeing my son Olson at mile 6 in the rain and cold was amazing. With the weather, Olson on my mind, and the huge crowds, parts of the race were very emotional.

At about mile 11-13, I sped up to stay warm at Marc's suggestion with a tight back, he had to hold off. I felt like I was flying for the next 10 miles, cruised over the rollers, and was passing ~3,000 runners over this hour. Turns out, I didn't speed up much at all, it must have been everyone else slowing down!

I really had to hang on for the finish, and got a PR in 2:59:41!

Core body temp report

Started dropping 7:30am waiting in tents for the race, dropped a lot more 9-10am outside in the rain pre-race, and then I mostly warmed up during the first 6 miles which I had a thick rain jacket.

Tossed that and basically maintained a good temp through the end.

After the race, soaked and shuffling through finish area, started to get bad. I got really cold (as did very many) in that time, and remained cold outside for about two hours before getting a ride to a friend’s apartment to shower. Was maybe warmed back up by 4pm (3 hours after finishing).


Happened slowly and was aided by an IPA-fueled afterparty at home.