Boston Marathon 2020: From a Basement Near You

Mon 20 April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the cancellation of most events, including the Boston Marathon (which made it through the 1918 flu and 2 world wars). Alas, I couldn't let my half-assed training go to "waste", so I took to the basement.

I'd already taken the time off from work, so the hardest part of the whole marathon was going to be convincing my wife to get up earlier with the kids while I wasn't working after taking care of them all night. Turns out, that very well might have been the hardest part, but she still supports many of my hair-brained ideas (see more later under "Sam Saves the Marathon").

All-in-all, it was a lot of fun running on Zoom with lots of friends and family dialed in, but I'm not sure I want to do it again! The finish time was 2:50:50, a big PR! With only two wimpy fans blowing on me, I started to overheat about halfway through. My wife, Sam, saved me (with encouragement to ask her from Mr Connery!) by setting up a big ol' box fan.

Here's the finish where you can sort-of see the distance and time: