Hartford Marathon

Sat 09 October 2021

me running the marathon

Joining in with Nick Symmonds and Ryan Hall's challenge to deadlift 500 pounds and run a mile in under 5 minutes, I was signed up for a marathon and couldn't resist going for a max pull the morning of.

Cleared 225, 275, and 295 for my max lift at 5AM, then hit the road for Hartford. I only had 10lb plates, so I failed 315 twice...though over 300 would have been a nice number!

Had a great run, despite falling apart at the end. Maybe I just didn't have the fitness to run 26 at pace, maybe I didn't take enough fluids, or maybe I got carried away on the front a big group for miles 13-16, but I held it together for 20 and had a lot of fun the whole time.