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  1. Linking files from GitHub in CodePen

    Wed 08 November 2017

    In the course I teach at UC Berkeley in the MIDS program, we use CodePen to build interactive web graphics. There are a host of reasons to use CodePen, but setting that aside for now, let's talk about how to host data files for CodePen. CodePen lacks a way for …

  2. Welcome Olson Stanley Reagan

    Wed 11 October 2017

    Today my wife Sam gave birth to our first son, Olson Stanley. He was born at 11:45AM, weighing 6 pounds and 9 ounces, at 20 some inches of length.

    Mom and baby are happy and healthy and we are excited for this new chapter in our lives!

  3. Boston-bound for 2018

    Sun 10 September 2017

    Well, I never thought it would happen. Today I qualified for the Boston Marathon with a 3:00:04 showing at the Presque Isle Marathon.

  4. Call me Doctor :)

    Sat 20 May 2017

    Today I have completed my PhD at the University of Vermont, earning a Doctorate in Applied Mathematics along with a Certificate of Study in Complex Systems. I can't offer enough thanks to my advisors, Peter Dodds and Chris Danforth, as well as my family and my wife, Sam.

  5. Enabling Jupyter notebook dashboards

    Thu 04 May 2017

    If you perform EDA using jupyter notebooks, it’s really easy to share those results with some moderate interaction via a jupyter dashboard. Here are the basic steps:

    1. Build the analysis, etc. Assuming this is done locally. Install the dashboard layout extension and lay out some sweet graphs. Optional: decorate …

  6. Should I set metadata manually in pyspark?

    Thu 04 May 2017

    Well, let’s do a simple test and find out if it speeds up the process of one-hot encoding a variable in our data. There are other reasons to set it, and we’ll get to those. Starting with the very helpful code snippet from spark-gotchas:

    import json
    from pyspark …
  7. Modular papers with LaTeX

    Thu 23 March 2017

    Earlier this week I wrote about how to structure an academic project directory and one of those directories was paper. The project write-ups (read: papers) will live here. My tool of choice for writing is LaTeX. It is not for everyone, and since you’re this far I’m going …

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