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  1. Column level encryption on a Vertica Database

    Wed 08 January 2020

    Vertica is a very powerful analytics database, and security is important! You might need to store sensitive data, like SSN, but you don't want the SSNs available to anyone who can see the table on the database. To provide an additional layer of security, we can encrypt the SSN itself …

  2. Analyzing Strava metadata

    Mon 30 December 2019

    I love running, and I love stroller running with my son even more. Strava is my go-to fitness app and I've tagged all of my stroller runs with a searchable tag so I can count the miles we've logged together, mostly while he has slept!

    The search functionality on Strava's …

  3. 2019 NYC Marathon

    Fri 01 November 2019

    Long story stort: I didn't run.

    In the spirit of sharing both successes and failures, I overcommitted personally and opted to skip the run. Instead, I drove past NYC and spent the afternoon with my wife and kiddos.

  4. Mexico with the boys

    Thu 22 August 2019

    Hard to believe, but I snuck out of family responsibilities and went to Mexico for 5 days for a bachelor party!

    A great time was had.

  5. Exploring the science behind the Yasso 800

    Sat 17 August 2019

    If you haven't heard of them, Yasso 800s comprise a infamous running workout that touts itself to predict your marathon time. The name was coined by Amby Burfoot, paying homage to Runner's World editor Bart Yasso.

    While even Yasso himself has professed he had no idea why the math worked …

  6. Developing Python on Vertica

    Fri 05 July 2019

    Vertica is a very powerful analytics database, and we can easily extend functionality now by building in Python functions. This is great and all, so here I'll focus on setting up a development environment for building a simple UDx.

    The documentation from Vertica is not super specific, so this may …

  7. Wisdom

    Mon 01 July 2019

    This month I turn 30 years old and what a wild ride it has been! I am very grateful for everyone who has been with me for my journey, and am hopeful of many adventures to come.

  8. Welcome Abel Francis

    Mon 22 April 2019

    Abel Francis was born in the afternoon of April 22nd, 2019, at nearly nine pounds!

    Mom and baby are happy and healthy, here's the little man shortly after birth:

    Olson loves his little brother, seen here at a little over a month old:

  9. Boston Marathon 2019

    Mon 15 April 2019

    What a day! Congrats to all the finishers. I count myself very grateful to be at the start line of this one, with my wife at 39 weeks pregnant. Didn't have the run that I had hoped out there, wrote some checks that my legs couldn't cash with a first …

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