About Me

As you may well have guessed, my name is Andy Reagan. I'm a father to one Olson Reagan, one Abel Reagan, and a Senior Data Scientist in MassMutual's Data Science Program. I am based in Amherst, MA, where I lead projects focused on Marketing and Sales and serve as a mentor to members of the Data Science Development Program.

I earned my Ph.D. from the University of Vermont studying Applied Mathematics with a focus on Complex Systems, working with Dr. Chris Danforth and Dr. Peter Dodds in the very fun and totally awesome Computational Story Lab, a part of Complex Systems Center at UVM. Back in 2011, I received my undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Virginia Tech, and in 2013 was awarded my Master's Degree at UVM, on my way to the Ph.D.

My research focused on studying sociotechnical systems through a big data lens. In particular, my work includes comparing methods for sentiment analysis, and building novel visualizations to explore sentiment analysis at the population scale (see hedonometer.org). Among other things, I developed and teach a course in Data Visualization in the Masters of Information and Data Science program at UC Berekely.

I'm also in the twitter verse, @andyreagan, and enjoy making squiggly lines on Strava. From time to time, I attempt to write interesting things on my blog as well.