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  1. The Shapes of Stories

    Mon 07 November 2016

    This is a repost of my original at our StoryLab blog_

    Stories help us encode and understand our collective existence, underpin cultures, and help frame the possible. Describing the ecology of all human stories is an essential scientific enterprise. With the advent of the internet and massive digitization this ...

  2. I'm Married!

    Sat 22 October 2016

    I'm happy to report that as of October 22nd, 2016, I'm happily married to the lovely Samantha Spisiak (@sspis1). It was raining and in the 30's, in other words a perfect Vermont day, and here is one of my favorite pictures from the day:

  3. A record that needs breaking

    Thu 29 September 2016

    It's been about 5 years since I first stumbled across the Human Powered Land Speed [World] Record, and the competition for the record is certainly stiff. It just got broken a couple weeks ago with a run of 89MPH!!

    Looking through the records, I had originally noticed that the ...

  4. Visualizing with scroll and D3

    Mon 08 August 2016

    Web technology has enabled the building of totally custom, interactive graphics with ease. D3.js fills in some gaps by providing convienent scales and DOM manipulation that makes sense with data.

  5. D3.js and Reactjs

    Fri 05 August 2016

    The world of Javascript is complicated (some might say, insane). I recently discovered that to use the newest version of Javascript (ES 2015), there are a whole suite of build tools and transpilers that will turn your ES2015 code into JS that can run on current (IE9+) browsers. Okay!

    A ...

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