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  1. Welcome Abel Francis

    Mon 22 April 2019

    Abel Francis was born in the afternoon of April 22nd, 2019, at nearly nine pounds!

    Mom and baby are happy and healthy, here's the little man shortly after birth:

    Olson loves his little brother, seen here at a little over a month old:

  2. Boston Marathon 2019

    Mon 15 April 2019

    What a day! Congrats to all the finishers. I count myself very grateful to be at the start line of this one, with my wife at 39 weeks pregnant. Didn't have the run that I had hoped out there, wrote some checks that my legs couldn't cash with a first …

  3. Writing LaTeX in Atom

    Fri 20 July 2018

    Atom is a code editor. The defaults try to "complete" words from your writing, and don't highlight spelling. After many months of using a code editor to write, it's clear that I've gone backwards and I should at least be using spell checking!

    These two settings vastly improve the latex …

  4. Tricks for coercing Pandas into parquet

    Tue 29 May 2018

    For coercing pandas date times (stored as numpy datetime):

    for col in df.columns[df.dtypes == np.dtype('<M8[ns]')]:
        # apply(lambda x: x.replace(microsecond=0))
        df[col] = df[col].values.astype('datetime64[s]')

    For coercing python datetime (here, a, there …

  5. How to groupby in Pandas with a missing group

    Wed 25 April 2018

    This is a note intended for my future self. Here’s how to do it:

    1. Have a list of the values that you expect for each group.
    2. Iterate over that list, and look up the values using .loc.

    Say I want to group by months, but not all of the …

  6. Boston 2018

    Mon 16 April 2018

    This was an incredible experience.

    The crowds were just amazing, and seeing my son Olson at mile 6 in the rain and cold was amazing. With the weather, Olson on my mind, and the huge crowds, parts of the race were very emotional.

    At about mile 11-13, I sped up …

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