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  1. Functional Threshold Work Rate

    Wed 03 July 2024

    Functional Threshold Work Rate (kcal/kg/h): The maximum Calorie output an athlete can achieve in 1 hour per kilogram of body weight.

    You've got inputs and outputs, some of which are measurable and some aren't. Tools like indirect calorimeters use input/output gas exchange to measure the human body's …

  2. Remove Jeep Wrangler JL Location Tracking

    Thu 30 May 2024

    Through a trending discussion on HN, I learned that some companies give police location data without a warrant. Including the parent company of a vehicle we recently got. WAIT - HOW DO THEY HAVE MY LOCATION DATA?

    Turns out - the GPS used for Nav and the 4G attennae that can act …

  3. Marathon Checklist

    Sun 19 May 2024

    Gearing up to run the VCM next weekend!

    We're staying a short 1 mile from the race, which has a 7:15AM start.

    Time Task
    6AM Wake up
    6-6:30AM Coffee, breakfast, salt, dressed
    6:30-6:45AM Walk to start
    6:45-7:15AM Wait around
    7:15AM Run run run …
  4. Tools For Thought

    Sat 11 May 2024



    Adjacent possible tool using google?

  5. It's All Stress

    Wed 01 May 2024

    Training stress, that is. If we want to measure the impact of training on performance, we need a way to quantify the training. This is not a new problem. Methods like Bannister's TRIMP have been around since the 1970's, while new takes like FirstBeat's EPOC estimation are relatively new.

    The …

  6. Django Static Site Generators

    Tue 30 April 2024

    I've been thinking about moving this Pelican blog that you're reading over to Django.

    Parts of it already come from a Django database: the publications list and CV depend on a version of a Django app that once powered

    I looked around on the internet, and of course …

  7. Django + Fitbit

    Wed 27 March 2024

    I finally got around to publishing the Fitbit module of my personal dashboard!

    It's here:

    Some fun facts:

    • It automatically deploys to PyPI on tagged releases (so hopefully, I never have to remember how to do this!)
    • It might be useful to plug into some …
  8. Sharing code

    Fri 22 July 2022

    Let’s say you have a codebase X, and a codebase Y. X produces some results or does some logic that are needed by codebase Y. What should we do to get the results (for this exercise, let’s say it’s a JSON file) from X to Y?

    • Shared …
  9. AI-powered Fitness Training

    Thu 21 July 2022

    Last year Alex Hutchinson, in his generally excellent Sweat Science series, discovered the four level framework for data analytics:

    • Descriptive: What happened?
    • Diagnostic: Why did it happen?
    • Predictive: What will happen?
    • Prescriptive: How do we make it happen?

    This isn't news for people who work in data, and yet he …

  10. 2022 Boston Marathon

    Fri 01 July 2022

    Didn't hit the mark this year, and likely went too hot for the first half. Bonus: either caught COVID during the race, or dampened the immune system enough to allow the infection that I was fighting already to go full force.

    Strava result

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